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2008: Snoken
Hello everyone. I'm really sorry to say that we've ran out of money and donations have been running thin here. So I'm extremely sorry to say that Frost 4 will not be released for at least a couple months. If we don't shut down that is. I'm not saying Frost 4 "WILL" come out, it may. But since funds are so low we may just have to cut it. Thank you all for participating in frost.

Well, that announcement was a downer for a lot of Snoken Productions machinima movie fans, particularly because it turned out that Marcus Johansson aka Noken or Mr.Hankey as he was called in BFVietnam had moved onto other pursuits. Marcus had just finished high school and was on his way to realizing his dreams of working at DICE. The first step was to apply for a Video/Movie Graphics Education called SOFE, where he was accepted. He spent days and nights at school, learning how to create 3D-graphics and other cool stuff. With so much going on Marcus was unable to work on the Snoken movies. After all in real life, you can only juggle so many balls in the air. After a while of struggling he, along with the rest of the group that made up Snoken Productions decided not to finish the 4th episode of Frost and this site's domain eventually expired. But that is not to say Snoken Productions also expired. They are very much alive. They just don’t create videos anymore. According to a 2012 blog post on, they still play together, meeting up as often as we can while taling on a daily basis. Four of the founding members are now working in the game industry and most likely a fifth one will join them in a couple of years. Marcus ended the post on a philosophical note: "....keep pushing yourself to become better at what you’re doing and make sure to have fun while doing it." I couldn't agree more which is why when this domain became available I bought it with the intent of rebuilding from archived pages at least some of the former site’s content. Please be indulgent, if it is not exactly as you remember it.

I am a Magento web developer and happen to work for a progressive software company. I am always interested in seeing how the newest technologies impact our lives via entertainment as well as day to day living. At the moment I assist my company's ecommerce clients in their Magento development and any customization that is needed. I love the fact that Magento uses open source code and can't wait to see what new features will be introduced throughout the year. In the meantime, we have clients who become overwhelmed with the options available and need help with determining how to connect their business needs with a strategy for choosing and executing the right Magento development services and themes for their audience. After our mostly fun, but sometimes grueling days at work, a bunch of us, inspired by what Marcus Johansson and his friends accomplished while still in high school, mess around making our own little video games and machinima, when we aren't playing some games like Far Cry 4, 2 Mass Effect 2, or Half-Life 2.

If you want to see what Snoken Productions is up to, they have a facebook page:
If you want to look at some of Snoken Productions' machinima movies go to:
There are 6 videos including the:

  • Circle of Death: Battlefield 2 edition
  • Battlefield vs Nintendo
  • Frost Episode 3: O Mike, Where Art Thou?
  • Frost Episode 2: Kicking a Kitten
  • Frost Episode 1: The Introduction


Hi and welcome to the Snoken Productions official site
Circa 2008



Snoken Productions was created some weeks after the launch of Battlefield 2. The Creators of Snoken is Noken and Sudden. Two brothers from southern Sweden. The first release was the stunt movie The Biggest and the Best. It was a mix of stunts and humour. The Second project was Battlefield: Double Dash. A Battlefield parody of the famous Mario Kart games. Some of the cut out scenes were mixed with new material and became Ya Rayah, a movie that mixed insane stunts with funny scenes from the battlefield.

After a while the crew at Snoken realised that there were too many stunt movies and they started on a new project called Mine. Mine has a lot of sketches taken from TV-series like Monty Python but it also makes fun of the public community in Battlefield 2. The Mine machinima became a huge success and it wasn't only Battlefield 2 gamers who liked it.

The next project for Noken, the editor/director at Snoken Productions was to create a Clan Presentation for the American clan The Final Stand. In this movie there were no acting, everything was pure ClanWar action, and the TFS-members showed their skills.

After a long time the Snoken Crew decided to make a sequel to Mine and the expectations among the Battlefield 2 players were huge. Mine 2 was released at the Swedish Battlefield site and became the most downloaded file on the site. Mine 2 had more sketches created by the Snoken crew, a small story and a lot of jaw dropping content like the massive chopper attack in the intro.

The newest project is called Frost, a series about two guys, Steve and Mike. They're stuck in time and don't know how to get back. Follow their journey here at!


A Message from Marcus 


My name is Marcus but you may know me as Noken (or Mr.Hankey as I was called in BFVietnam). I've been playing all my life. I started of with the C64, Sega Mega Drive 16-Bit and the Nintendo machines. Now I'm mostly a PC guy but as soon as Wii hit the shelves I will buy one.

Noken comes from a dog called Nöken. He was in several episodes of Anders & Måns, a comedy show on Swedish TV. He was one of my favourites and that's why I took the name.

I made my first test-movies in Battlefield 1942 but didn't release any of them. My first real movie was The Biggest and The Best, featuring me, my brother and some of my friends. After that I released some shorter movies and then the Mine movie. After that life has been a little different with TV-interviews and stuff, and I enjoy it.

I'm now a student at SOFE (School of Future Entertainment) and I'm studying 3D-Design.

See you on the Battlefield!​




Frost Episode 4 Progress - April 10th 2008 - 03:18 CET
We're now at Step 2 in the making of Frost Ep4

Hello Frost Viewers! I've started to write about how the work with Frost Episode 4 is progressing. I will keep doing this untill its released just to let you guys know why its taking time sometimes and when theres problems. But of course, I will also write all the good stuff :)


Mod Builder Promo Movie - April 5th 2008 - 05:56 CET

Ever dreamed of making your own mod but don’t know how to? No worries, our newest member Deleted_Screen show us the ropes with the ModBuilder. ModBuilder makes it easy for you to edit the weapons, load custom skins and tweak the vehicles.
Enjoy, and dont forget to visit their site Blue Entertainment


Frost Episode 4 Progress - April 10th 2008 - 03:18 CET

Hello Frost Viewers! I've started to write about how the work with Frost Episode 4 is progressing. I will keep doing this untill its released just to let you guys know why its taking time sometimes and when theres problems. But of course, I will also write all the good stuff :) Enjoy!


Mod Builder Promo Movie - April 5th 2008 - 05:56 CET

Ever dreamed of making your own mod but dont know how to? No worries, our newest member Deleted_Screen show us the ropes with the ModBuilder. ModBuilder makes it easy for you to edit the weapons, load custom skins and tweak the vehicles.
Enjoy, and don't forget to visit their site Blue Entertainment


Frost Episode 3 Released! - January 21st - 02:00 CET

It's been a long time since the last episode of Frost was released, though it feels like only yesterday. The past 6 months have been very hectic; between coding and schoolwork, we've also been on a wild goose chase for wholesale toilet paper – don't even ask. Apparently, people think it doubles as insulation in a cold snap. And speaking of cold snaps, the weather decided to give us a live demo of our game's environment. It's so cold in the work area that we're all bundled up like mummies. That's me in the dashing red jacket, trying to smile, while the monitor shows a snow battlefield that's practically a tropical paradise compared to this room.
I hope that you are all still eager to see if Steve and Mike will make it back to their time. The third episode of Frost has a lot more content than the previous episodes. It's more than half an hour long with five new voice actors, one of them being Gordon Van Dyke, the Associate Producer on Battlefield: Bad Company.
I want to thank all of those who've been supportive and shown interest in our work despite the long wait. I also want to thank Walmart Security for providing us with server power to host our movies on, both via Download and a High-Res Divx Stream. Most of all I'd like to thank Fnotte for making this episode possible, he's spent many hours of hard work on this episode doing voice acting, music, an amazing intro, and much more.
I hope you all enjoy Frost 3. Feel free to give us feedback, both positive and negative, and please be constructive as we only want to improve and give you guys the best show possible.
Best Regards,


Frost Episode 3 Release this Thursday! - January 21st 2008 - 12:39 CET

After hard work and a lot of money spent on new hardware we're finally done with the third episode. The third episode will be 33 min long with 5 new voice actors. One of them is Gordon Van Dyke (DICE) who's this episodes Guest Voice Actors. I hope you guys will enjoy the episode! :)


Frost Teaser - January 8th 2007 - 14:28

And here it is, the first real trailer of Frost
After a long brake I've decided to start making movies again but now I will share the movie making part with Fnotte/Black-Wolf. After some problems early in the production we have come to this point when Frost is almost done.
Some of you might ask what frost is and I can tell you that it is no Mine. Mine is something that is completed and I'm very greatfull for all the good reviews. Frost is still a comedy but its a little bit different, its a story about two guys, Steve and Mike. They're stuck in the future and don't know how to get home. I think that's enough information for today but there will be some more surprises.
Oh, and the friendly guys over at Battleforce Community will provide us with something nice for you fans to play with, I wont say what it is but you might figure it out.The release of Frost will include 4 news, 2 bigger ones and 2 small ones (but still nice stuff).
I hope you will enjoy our teaser!
Frost will be out very very very soon :)




Hey Guys, Just to say Frost 3 was worth waiting for, It was amazing. The effects were astounding and the storyline was really professional. Deleted_ Screen Nice work. I missed my chance to join a while ago because I was in CFF. Big regrets now :( neway. Siging up for the Forum Thanks - SpyPants

Love the films, guys! Keep up the good work!

Hey Noken, just wanted to say nice game back on sunday mate and me and my team look foward to the real one ''NokenSudden''. :P

When its done, you can follow the progress in our forums

[pettson] - March 3rd 2008 - 06:26 CET
Well... we can't satisfy everyone... everyone has the right to decide if they like the episodes or not...

snowdude411 - March 3rd 2008 - 03:45 CET
Yeah they have taken time out of there day to do something that is really funny and u say its boring. Half of the jokes come from the dialogues like when Jack took the beer and not the dish maybe u should think about that.

Lt. Sneaky (Also in BF 2142) - March 2nd 2008 - 04:57 CET
Oh come on guys, they tried their hardest to make it happen, at least the episode DID arrive.

Becket - February 29th 2008 - 23:32 CET
I've send you an email Fnotte, check your inbox please :)

Lukeirado - February 29th 2008 - 18:26 CET
Frost 3 was boring, you guys need to take out some long dialogues and add some more jokes. (visual jokes, like the soldier being run over on Frost Ep. 3)

[pettson] - February 29th 2008 - 08:13 CET
Well... you can't watch something that hasn't been recorded yet...

Nice editing in #3, but please more of the funnies like in 1 and 2 and less talk like in 3 :/

meh want ep4 i need to know where mike is xD

=KYA= Col. Garand

Hey -- I am an officer of a clan which plays both BF2 and 2142. We love your videos and have them all on our site ( Keep up the great work!

sorry, I wanted to say that I'm god, excuse that. Even god makes failures

If I wouldn't know, that you're god, I would say you were a couple of them. Episode three is great. Really good work, in every view

Why is the Unix Timestamp for the last announcement 7200?

realy nice work,keep it up! greets

So I will just try to write a long message, to test if the system works. Meanwhile I can just try to say how much we own the world and the zimbabwese community loves our work. And Noken has just won the Norwegian Idol. So this text is just to test if this shit works... Btw... I own!!!

Should be fixed now.